The first step in the digitalisation of an industry is the installation of sensors to detect important parameters in the production processes. The use of the latest data capture technology, together with the experience and know-how of the Effitronix team, makes the MICO24 the ideal gateway to Industry 4.0. Through it you will have information of how the machines and key elements of your plant are operating at anytime, from anywhere, as well as beginning to benefit from the competitive advantages that come with plant digitalisation.

The benefits and utilities are worth the risk of the investment. Our experience has proven that the payback is incredibly short. With MICO24 you will decrease the costs of significant items:

MICO24 is able to adapt to any industrial sector and to any element, regardless of the manufacturer, size or complexity. The system is scalable, and easily expandable both in terms of the elements controlled and of the sensors that monitor each of them.

With MICO24 you can have centralised control over the operation of your plants in real time, wherever you are, from a PC or a mobile terminal. This centralised control ensures cost savings, in addition to an increase in the consistency of the information, in safety and in the reaction time in the event of incidents.

At Effitronix we believe that technology should make life easier. The system interprets the data, and you only have to act once it generates an alarm or warning that you will receive via SMS or e-mail.

All the interfaces and displays are very easy and intuitive. They have been designed so that they will always display only the information that is necessary and tailored to each user. In addition, the use of the traffic light colour code ensures that anyone can view the operating status of the different elements controlled at a glance.

At Effitronix we can count on the opinion and support of the staff of our clients’ companies at all times and at all levels (management, executive, engineering, production, maintenance, etc.).

The knowledge and information that our clients’ employees can contribute are very important in obtaining success and in ensuring that MICO24 will contribute to the goals of the company.

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